Let us introduce  you to one of the worlds leading experts who can show you the EASY way to MAKE stacks of MONEY in your spare time in the comfort of your own home!


Multi-millionaire and Internet guru Tom Hua reveals his secrets on how to make repeatable wealth in the internet!



 Dear Friend,

         If you are interested in creating serious wealth on the internet then ehis will be the most exciting DVD packagfe ever purchased called 'Tom Hua's Millionaires Success Guide To The Internet' which I have acquired world publishing rights to the new DVD.

The DVD is a 90 minute long presentation filmed at he entrepreneurs seminar in Brighton, England.  In this presentation Tom covers just about everything you need to know about generating wealth on the internet. I'm sure you know the sort of thing.....selling simplelittle information products through the post and on the internet,  such as ebooks, CD's, manuals, monthly courses, its the best business in the world - bar none!

       Tom Hua is a self made inbternet multi-millionaire.  He has built the largest distribution network of ebooks on the internet and also he operates one of the fastest growing web-hosting companies in the world.  Online rvenue in 2007 was in excess of $10,000,000.  I'm sure you'd agree, when I say thats not a bad income.  An ashtonishing chap!!

Now I want you to close your eyes and........imagine waking up each morning to a torrent of envelopes all crammed with cheques and stuffed with cash - hundreds of them pouring through your letter-box - now thats what I call a good start to the day!  Or logging onto your internet account to see that thousands of pounds has poured into your account whilst you were asleep!

An impossible dream?  Not at all!   Thats typical of how I start each of my days and have done since I started this business.  I started to make money straight away - and you could too.  What I'd like to do is send you the DVD of 'Tom Hua's Millionaires Success Guide To The Internet' Plus free bonus packages which you could take and get up and runing in a week!

Could you handle £1000-£4000 a day if not more?

Imagine how your life would change if you banked £1000 EACH DAY?  And only worked a few hours a WEEK!  £1000 each working day in cash, cheques, internet credits and bank transfers is around £300,000 a year - just think how that would change your life!  And you'd have the time to enjoy it as this business is easy to run.



The possibilities are endless.......

Imagine yourself taking a 5-star holiday of a lifetime.                                                                                       Give up your 9-5 job for good.                                                                                                                      Buy the house of your dreams and the car of your dreams too -                                                                     Paid for in cash!                                                                                                                                      Wouldn't that be fantastic?                                                                                                                          Never having to worry about money again?                                                                                                  Being able to retire early and spend time with your family and friends whilst you can still enjoy it.

          Relax on a Dream Holiday?                             Travel The World?

                  Luxury Car?                                                      Luxury Home?


These are all possibilities and you can make them happen!!

This is what Tom Hua's presentation will help you to do.


Its not like any other presentation you've ever watched, covering

wealth creation over the internet.


Nowadays I live in arguably one of the best houses in Cornwall with stunning sea views, boasting 9 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and parking for 5 cars all due to the internet marketing business.  You could do the same, just follow Tom Hua's simple techniques and advice.  Its what I do each and every day.

Information publishing - I don't believe there's another money-generating idea which has so many benefits and is so simple to run. 

Maybe you have seen this simple money-spinner before.  Perhaps you've longed to climb the proven money ladder but you've been stopped by not having the writing skills, marketing skills and of course NO PRODUCTS TO SELL!   Tom will explain the fundamentals of how to get around writing skill, marketing and most importantly where to source products at little or even no cost to you!

You will discover all kinds of exciting tips in the 'Tom Hua's Millionaires Success Guide To the Internet' such as:

  • Seven tips and tricks for ensuring your products are seen by your customers.
  • Six strategies to take yourself from where you are now to the lifestyle you had always dreamed of.
  • Five proven steps to maximise your wealth without your own website.
  • Four proven strategies for ensuring maximum benefit from search engines.
  • Three simple ways to generate traffic to your sales page.
  • Turn your own knowledge into a stream of passive income.
  • A cheap way to get pay-per-click advertising.
  • Use exsisting information and produce your own unique products.
  • How to use appropriate keywords for your product.
  • Discover how to work with clickbank and paypal.
  • Hidden truths behind viral marketing.
  • Approaching potential joint venture partners.


That's why you should act now and secure your future!

Let me tell you just a few of the great advantages of being a home information publisher!



I work from a spare room at home and employ nobody.  My work consists mostly of logging onto the internet to check how my website is doing and check sales figures.


With your own information publishing set-up you work exactly when you want to.  It's entirely up to you.  There are a few hours each week to do when it suits you.


Never do it!   All transactions are done on the internet or by post.


You work from home, no renting premises.


You can easily run this whole business from your kitchen table.



Forget 30% mark-ups you get in other businesses.  How does 3000% sound?    That makes a big difference to your profits!




         You can run this business anywhere you like, from a cafe, a   

               beach or whilst on holiday.  How cool is that?



    I'm hoping  you will be really excited when you see the offer I have put together for you....I am offering you this deal at absolute rock bottom minimum cost.



    I started out with no knowledge of publishing.  I am a hotellier by trade and I knew absolutely nothing about the internet (other than how to write and read emails).  I really did have to start from scxratch!  By simply copying Tom Hua's ideas you can achieve amazing results.


    I'm sure you've already thought about making money from information publishing....After all, everyone knows its a goldmine.

    Now I hope your feeling excited by the possibilities here.  You should, because it gets even better!!   You wait till you see what I've put together for you - you're going to be very impressed.

    I propose to send you the DVD of Tom Hua's 'Millionaires Success Guide To The Internet'  Plus extras.

    I'm going to dothis on the trust that you are the sort of person who can see the Golden Opportunity when presented with one.

    So does this interest you?

    Is this the sort of thing you've been searching and hoping for?


    I'm saying that here's a one off chance to learn and make a lot of money from one of the best internet marketeers of all time.

    Here's another golden advantage.......


    You don't have to give up your job and risk everything.  You can start part-time, in the evenings and at weekends like I did.  You will soon want to leave that old job and put your time into making real money from information publishing!   Having multiple streams of income is a well kept secret of the rich!

    This package has the potential to help you make more money - a lot more!

    To attend this seminar, each person you see in the audience paid in excess of £2000 to be there.  And there were thousands of people there to see Tom Hua live.  Accurate information like this does not come around too often.  Everything is explained and dead easy to understand with Tom Hua's own unique presentation.

    This is why 'Tom Hua's Millionaires Success Guide To The Internet' is such an unbelievable bargain at only £67 + £2.95 p&p!

    That's right £67 + £2.95 p&p.   A fraction of what it's really worth, after all, others have paid in excess of £2000 to see and hear it live!

    And yes, I do plan on raising the price from £67 very soon.  This price is for the first 40 people only, after that it could go up to double the price I am selling it for here.  So save yourself some money and act now quickly.

    £67 + £2.95 p&p is a bargain compared to what you will discover in this DVD.  And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the contents of the package, you have a completely risk free, 100% money back guarantee to protect your investment.


    Remember You Get 30 Day

    100% Risk Free

    Money Back Guarantee





    I think you will agree thats about as fair as it gets.

    Lets be clear about the awesome value you are getting here!

    If i've got this right, I hope you're feeling a little bit of excitement!!                                                      That's good because this really is a unique offer.

    Fair Enough?                                                                                                                                            I hope I've covered everything.......except the bonuses.

    So......let me ask you......what would you pay to have the 'Tom Hua's Millionaires Success Guide To The Internet'.  Included in the list of bonuses are from the same seminar. Presentations by internet guru's:

    Matt & Amanda Clarkson - Ebay Millionaires


    Pat Mesiti - The worlds most celebrated 'Income Acceleration Coach'

    Grab your copy of 'Tom Hua's Millionaires Success Guide To The Internet' right now to claim alll the extra free bonuses.



    FREE BONUS # 1

    "Seminar Presentation"

    "Matt & Amanda Clarkson"

    'Ebay Millionaires - Made $8 million dollars in 4 years.  During their presentation they reveal what steps they took to enable them to go from broke to multi-millionaires in 4 years.


    FREE BONUS # 2

    "Seminar Presentation"

    "Pat Mesiti"

    Probably Pats most famous phrase 'Everything starts with a dream'. Pat is a fireball of a character, a true dynamo!   Full of inspirational stories.  One of his key phrases is 'What I do daily will determine what I am permanently'.


    FREE BONUS # 3

    "21st Century Net Marketer"

    Benefits of marketing online, online marketing defined, needs for successful online marketing, online goals, reaching your target audience, targeting different types of customer, get the word out, personalizing your website, using banner ads, keywords, generating advertising that is free, word of mouth marketing, e-mail marketing, build your e-mail list, list hosting services plus much, much more......


    BONUS # 4

    "$1000 In A Week On Ebay"

    Understanding joint ventures and Ebay sellers, setting up joint ventures, the joint venture process, getting set-up, proving the list in a joint venture, setting up an opt-in website and a buying list.


    FREE BONUS # 5

    "Business Branding"

    Beginners guide to branding your business!  What is branding?  Branding basics, audience, logos, building recognition, competition establishing a brand, establishing company identity, media consideration, the competitive edge and reinforcement of your brand.


    FREE BONUS # 6

    "Build Niche Websites Easily"

    What is a niche website?  Choosing the right niche, free templates, building content for your niche site, finding the right product for your niche, auto responders and marketing your site.





     What I'd really love to do is send you the DVD of Tom Hua and the packages I mentioned.  The contents are in excess of £275 and you will be totally blown away by what you see when you open it.

    All yours for just £67 + £2.95 p&p.

    'Tom Hua's Millionaires Success Guide To The Internet' Plus 6 Free Bonuses.

    That's some list of free gifts.....Right?

    Does that all seem ok to you?   I've tried to be fair and keep all the costs down to a minimum for you, when your starting up as I remember what that was like.

    I have no plans to repeat this in the near future.   SO ACT NOW!

    £67 + £2.95 p&p for the first 40 customers is a bargain!


    This package contains solid proof that what I say is true.  Have no doubt, once you've opened that package you will be very excited to get started on this money-spinner straight away.  I will say no more.  After all its far more exciting to get a parcel if you don't know what's inside it.



     Let me summarise what you will get if you decide to purchase this package...

    You will get....

    Tom Hua's 'Millionaires Success Guide To The Internet'

    Plus free bonuses

    Matt & Amanda Clarkson - seminar presentation - Ebay millionaires

    Pat mesiti - seminar presentation

    21st Century Net Marketer

    $1000 In A Week On Ebay

    Business Branding

    Build Niche Websites Easily

    Ok, do you reckon you've got most of what you need?  I mean......Is that a deal or what?  In that case, I think its fair to say that.......




    Act NOW or someone else will!

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Best regards, Geoff & Amanda


    P.S.  Remember the unbeatable 30 day guarantee.

    If you don't believe the information contained in this offer is worth the minimal asking price, drop me an email and I'll refund you.

    P.P.S  I would be very appreciative if you could supply me with a testimonial, breifly explaining the success you have had and how your life is changing for the better!  Although this is not compulsory.






























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